skincare and cbd

Skincare and CBD: The Hottest New Trend

The newest craze to hit the CBD market is beauty and skin products. Leading CBD manufacturer, Global Cannabinoids, has claimed that CBD skin care products are the fastest growing sector in their catalog. Chief Business Developer of Global Cannabinoids, Ryan Lewis, states, “Consumer demand is fueling explosive growth for companies looking to offer CBD skin-care solutions.”

CBD Isolates

Are Cannabinoid Isolates the Next Wave to Unfold in the Cannabis Green Rush Era?

One company, Global Cannabinoids, is making headway in the cannabis industry with its release of a 2020 catalog featuring hemp-derived isolates, oils, and finished products. Global Cannabinoids appears to also be working on its consumer platform, which would allow consumers to purchase business to business products online. With a database of over 65,000 customers, the company said is the largest B2B online distribution platform for bulk and wholesale USA grown hemp-derived cannabinoid products in the world.