Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp CBD oil Distillate Tinctures

Our wholesale Broad Spectrum THC Free Hemp CBD oil Distillate Tinctures are available in many different cannabinoid potencies and all-natural organic flavors.  We formulate each wholesale hemp CBD oil tincture with a carrier oil that is lipid based (such as organic coconut MCT oil or organic hemp seed oil) in order to assist in the lymphatic delivery of the cannabinoids to the endocannabinoid receptor system of cells.  The most common carrier oils used in our Broad Spectrum THC-free CBD tinctures is organic coconut MCT oil and organic hemp seed oil.  Hemp seed oil contains all essential amino acids and omega 3’s which make it a nutritionally rich choice to combine with CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN which is present throughout our broad spectrum THC free distillate that is used to formulate this product.  Organic coconut MCT (multi-chain triglyceride) oil is also a popular choice due to its mild coconut flavor which is masked easily with all-natural mint, peppermint, lemon, orange, cherry, and dozens of other all-natural flavoring.

Minor cannabinoids, also known as rare cannabinoids, are present throughout our broad spectrum THC free distillate which is used to formulate our broad spectrum THC-free hemp oil tinctures.  For customers looking for an exact profile of minor hemp-derived cannabinoids in their hemp oil tinctures, we are able to boost the profile of these rare cannabinoids by adding in isolates such as CBG isolate, CBC isolate, CBG isolate, and CBN isolate.  Broad spectrum THC free hemp oil tinctures contain zero THC and a high amount of cannabidiol (CBD) in addition to a rich profile of minor cannabinoids which enhance the effects due to the synergy of cannabinoid compounds known as the “entourage effect.”

Terpenes can also be added to any hemp oil tinctures and can be synergistic with cannabinoids in certain formulations.  Our standard bulk and wholesale broad spectrum THC-free tinctures are 3rd party tested many times before they are approved for distribution.  Our analytics team first tests the broad spectrum hemp oil distillate concentrate to measure the potency prior to formulation.  We do not rely on just this test, however, so we also send each broad spectrum distillate oil to a 3rd party lab for full panel testing to ensure the absence of all contaminants and know the exact potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes present.  Once we receive these results, we can then formulate our broad spectrum distillate with the carrier oil of your choice to the desired cannabinoid potency.  We then test this formulation at our 3rd party lab once again to ensure that every bottle of wholesale and bulk hemp oil tincture we produce during the filling process is accurately dosed and free of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, toxins, molds, yeast, and any other contaminants commonly found in hemp that is not properly stored.

By following strict quality control procedures, customers can be confident that the wholesale and bulk broad spectrum hemp oil distillate tinctures they purchase from Global Cannabinoids is of the highest quality.  All of our hemp oil tinctures are fully traceable from the hemp farm it was grown on, to the extraction facility it came from to the method of extraction used.  We also use QR codes to provide a complete document flow to ensure that your product is compliant in every market that demands full traceability that is easily accessible to not just our customers, but also the customers of our customers.

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Product Data
THC-Free Broad Spectrum Distillate Tincture

Standard Carrier Oil: Coconut Oil (MCT)
Standard Bottle: 1 fl oz (30 mL) amber glass
Standard Closure: 1 mL glass pipette with black plastic child-resistant ring/bulb
THC Range: 0% THC
Standard Potencies: 250 mg / 500 mg / 1000 mg / 1500 mg
Color: Clear with tint
Appearance: Liquid
Consistency: Thin viscosity
Standard Flavors: Mint, Cinnamon, Lemon and Natural

Packaging: Sold in 100 unit case packs (13” X 10“ X 13” - 35 lbs)
Label Dimensions: 1.75” X 4”
Bottle Color: Amber
Shelf Life: 12 months unopened
Storage: Store in a cool, dark location

White (No) Label: Available in 100 unit case packs
Private Label: MOQ: 500 units per SKU - standard formula/flavors

Broad Spectrum THC-Free Distillate Tincture Lab Testing