Domain Acquired By Delta 8 THC Company Global Cannabinoids



The domain was acquired by Global Cannabinoids, a privately-held, biotechnology Business to Business American company, founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015, which produces, manufactures, and distributes industrial hemp-derived and sanitizers of the highest quality.


Now with the acquisition of, Global Cannabinoids seeks to expand its operations in the industry of CBD. Since 2015, Global Cannabinoids has been manufacturing and distributing wholesale full spectrum CBD oil products, positioning itself as one of the companies with the best quality in Wholesale CBD products.


The merge with will allow Global Cannabinoids to become more efficient communications-wise to boost the scope of the distribution of their products. Global Cannabinoids expects to be recognized as one of the best manufactures and distributors of Wholesale CBD products.


Golobalcannabinoids’ premium lines, made with the highest quality raw materials include wholesale CBD skincare, with products like pain-relieving creams, lotions, and facial creams. It also includes edibles like Wholesale CBD Gummies, which are CBD infused, not CBD coated and they are great as a food supplement, as well as the version with melatonin, which are specially formulated to help regulate the sleep cycles. Wholesale CBD beverages are also manufactured and distributed, including Wholesale CBD water, Wholesale CBD coffee, and Wholesale CBD syrup that can be added to different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Other Global Cannabinoids Wholesale CBD products include full-spectrum, broad-spectrum or THC-free full spectrum Wholesale CBD drops and tinctures, and also CBD & Bulk Delta 8 THC Carts,  which helps fight virus and bacteria.


All the CBD products manufactured and distributed by Global Cannabinoids Inc. are tested both internally and independently by third-party test labs, to ensure the potency, purity, and consistency of the products. Global Cannabinoids manufactures and distributes only the highest quality products that are fully organic, non-GMO, contain no residual solvents, no pesticides, no toxic mildew or mold, and no heavy metals. All the products manufactured and distributed by Global cannabinoids are tested in our facilities, as well as independently by third parties to confirm and maintain the full accuracy and consistency of all quality control measures for our premium hand sanitizer products.


All the phytocannabinoid (PCR) rich products we manufacture or distribute are either legally imported or derived from 100% Federally legal industrial hemp that is registered with the Colorado State Department of Agriculture, North Carolina State Department of Agriculture, and Oregon State Department of Agriculture,  and fully compliant with the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 which legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp on a Federal level under certain federal mandated conditions which Global Cannabinoids Inc. and its farming partners and suppliers are fully compliant with. All products Global Cannabinoids Inc. produces, manufactures, markets, or distributes, are fully compliant with all states, local, and international laws where the business is conducted.


Global cannabinoids also have a wholesale CBD dropshipping program that allows its clients to focus more on sales and marketing and less on the process of picking, packing, and shipping to customers. Whether Customers need to have their bulk or wholesale CBD product blind shipped to their CBD customer, or a retail website wants the product to be shipped directly to their retail customer, Global Cannabinoids drop-shipping and warehousing program are designed specifically for customers’ needs.


As the Wholesale CBD industry continues its evolution, competition between manufacturing companies is becoming more ferocious by the minute. Global Cannabinoids intends to take the lead concerning the field of wholesale  Go To Website products and wholesale Private Lable CBD California products. Over the past year, cannabidiol-based (CBD) products have swiftly emerged thanks to various successful legislation efforts.


The acquisition of will be very positive for Global Cannabinoids because being part of a diversified investment instrument and having access to the public markets means a consolidation of operations through acquisitions, which provides a great opportunity to quickly take advantage of this. Global Cannabinoids wants to position itself as the leader in the CBD industry, and at the same time, provide a good experience for customers and staff as it embarks on this exciting journey along with