Future Tech Podcast

Future Tech Podcast: Global Cannabinoids – The Incredible Potential of Hemp-Derived Products

Ryan Lewis, Chief Business Developer of Global Cannabinoids, talks about the emerging markets for CBD and hemp-derived products. Lewis talks about his background, starting with the building of the very first bulk and wholesale B2B distribution platform for American-grown hemp and cannabinoids derived from hemp. He discusses some of the challenges, and some of the advances that were enabled after the passing of the US Farm Bill.

New drugs

Is Technology Really Speeding Up Adoption Of New Drugs?

Thanks to relaxed regulation, changing socio-demographics and, frankly, bigger problems, the world of legal cannabis is exploding. The UN estimates around 3.9% of the global adult population (190 million people) are cannabis users. Europe leads the way, but that may change if Grand View Research, Inc estimates for 2025 come true.

Unpacking CBD

Unpacking CBD: An Ingredient Breakdown

CBD — cannabidiol — is arguably the hottest ingredient in beauty right now.

Derived from the hemp plant, the ingredient is everywhere, from wellness tinctures to skin-care products to lubricant. But not all products that market with hemp ingredients actually contain CBD, so WWD asked Ryan Lewis, chief executive officer of Global Cannabinoids (a business-to-business CBD supplier) for a breakdown of common cannabis ingredients.

Talking CBD Beauty With Sam Cheow, Global Cannabinoids’s New Chief Product Innovation Officer

If you haven’t yet been initiated into the cult of all things CBD, it’s one of the many powerful compounds (113 to be exact) found in the cannabis plant, and has nothing to do with THC, its more famous psychoactive counterpart that’s known to possess people to order Chicken McNuggets from Uber Eats at two in the morning. Its recent migration into the mainstream triggered a host of studies into the potential benefits of CBD—short for cannabidiol—revealing powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and reparative properties.