CBD and Cancer – Can Cannabinoids Target Cancerous Cells?

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Apr 18

The question is can CBD target cancer cells, and if so, what effect will it have…Scientists and researchers have been studying the dynamic between cannabidiol and cancer for years now. Obviously, traditional methods of trying to combat cancer cells are still quite prevalent. From chemotherapy to radiation to hormone treatments, the medical community is on a quest to one day discover the cure to cancer. In the meantime, these types of treatments, regularly used to help those suffering from this horrific disease, have become the norm.

The problem is, is that with any of these procedures, side effects are inevitable.  And these side effects are not pretty, in fact, they are extremely painful and often debilitating. This is why those within the medical community are searching for solutions, a means of working with cancer patients—such that are more effective and far less harmful.

Here is where CBD has, in just the past decade, made major strides in terms of the fight against cancer. The ability for cannabidiol to target strictly the cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells unfazed is one of the first benefits that research has lately focused on. This means that because the healthier cells are left alone, and ultimately left to thrive, the side effects are significantly lessened. And this, scientists have found, is just the beginning.

CBD and Breast Cancer

While numerous studies have been done in relation to CBD’s effects on various cancers, perhaps there has been none so promising as that which explored the reaction of breast cancer to CBD. A 2007 publication chronicles the way in which breast cancer cells were actually destroyed given the introduction of cannabidiol. Essentially what was discovered was that the CBD actually inhibited tumor growth and then drastically slowed the spread of any more cancer cells.

What this means for breast cancer sufferers certainly needs to be explored further, but in the interim, researchers are working diligently to try and determine how CBD can effectively be made into a viable treatment alternative.

CBD in Tandem with Current Cancer Drugs

Of course, it goes without saying that chemotherapy and radiation have their place in the current treatment of cancer. However, when combined with CBD based products, doctors are finding that these procedures become even more effective. Not only does the CBD have the capacity to breakdown proteins in cancer cells, thereby killing them, but it also helps to lessen the intensity of the side effects associated with traditional treatments. Helping ease nausea, pain and anxiety, CBD used in conjunction with current cancer treatments simply makes sense.

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