CBD C​offee Concentrate



Energize the mind, body, and spirit with our wholesale CBD Coffee.

This newly released coffee-cannabinoid experience is anticipated to be a hot seller in grocery stores, gas stations, coffee shops, and general retail chains throughout the globe. This is the world's first liquid coffee concentrate.

The true beauty of this product is it's the only coffee product to have a measured dose of CBD. Other CBD coffee brands mix the coffee grinds with a powdered CBD, resulting in an uneven dose of cannabidiol in each glass.

Each container contains 10 cups. Each cup has 15mg of CBD and makes up to 12 oz of fresh coffee.

The ingredients are All natural, infused with our 99.7%+ CBD isolate, and contains no preservatives.

K Cups

Wholesale CBD Coffee

Michael Brush, a columnist on Marketwatch.com says the Keurig machine is in approximately 16% of homes with a coffee maker, or about 20 million homes in the US. Reach more customers by offering the coffee concentrate and the K cups.

CBD Coffee

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