If you’re looking for a great business to do in 2020, CBD flower wholesale is only one of the many aspects of the fast-growing CBD industry. CBD flower1, also called hemp flower, CBD bud or hemp bud is a non-psychoactive product from the cannabis plants. Hemp flowers have a marijuana-like look and smell, actually, they are produced in the same part of the plant, but while marijuana flowers have a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD buds contain zero to very low content of THC. That is the substance that makes you high. Typically, CBD buds contain 0.3% THC or less.

CBD Flower Wholesale
What Is CBD Flower Used For?

There’s an array of things you can do with CBD flowers or hemp flowers. You can use them for smoking, vaping or making diverse products like tea bags, butter, and jams. And the reason why CBD flower for sale is so sought after is the same reason why people purchase other CBD products: they want to get the relieving and calming effect delivered by CBD in any of its forms.

CBD bud is probably the only CBD flower wholesale product that can be added to basically anything. You can even cook with the buds, and add them to salads or a stick of butter. That makes it a very versatile product, with the plus that once the buds are cut, the only additional process is to dry them, making them the only product without any complex chemical process involved.

CBD Flower Wholesale: The Cost-Smart Way Of Purchasing Your Product

Once you know its benefits, you will want to purchase your CBD flower wholesale or in bulk, because it’s the best money-saving way to do it, which also applies, of course, if you want to become a CBD distributor. But before you can decide between the many varieties of CBD hemp flower for sale, we take you on a tour around the most popular types.  CBD flowers are classified according to their CBD richness, which is the number of cannabinoids they contain. These are few of the best strains you can legally purchase:

    1. Berry Blossom: This CBD heavy variety is a favorite among many growers and for good reason. The structural integrity of Berry Blossom lends to super productive plants suitable for large scale production. It is a selectively bred cross between Cherry Kandahar S1 and Chardonnay. Excellent in a variety of climate conditions and holds up well in harsh wind and weather.
    2. Elektra: Known to be one of the most potent CBD seed lines available, Elektra is a cross-bred improvement on the already legendary ACDC variety. ACDC paved the way for CBD production in the U.S. and this hybrid improves upon that renown with a stronger stalk, fuller flowers, and earlier blooms.
    3. Otto: Originally named One to One, Otto CBD hemp flower consists of medium-sized, sticky nugs. The Otto strain is known to be an overall mood enhancer that helps ease the daily grind. Many users also report an energetic and uplifted feeling after consumption. Its short and stocky leaves are chock-full of trichromes, the little hairs that you see all over cannabis plants. The nugs are dense and sticky but still well-cured: they have just the right amount of moisture.
    4. Cherry Wine: Possesses a very strong terpene profile with CBD content ranging from 15-22%, with total CBD varying due to harvest and climate conditions. This variety consistently produces large flower buds that are exceptionally dense.
    5. Lifter: Lifter is a reliable and tested strain that consistently delivers high yields of dense flowers, rich in CBD and other terpenes. Generally possessing CBD content around 15%, this strain grows thick and rich like a bush leading to some of the highest yields of any CBD heavy variety.
    6. Bubba Kush: Bubba Kush, the legendary strain known worldwide for its relaxing qualities, has just arrived in CBD hemp form. Bubba Kush genetics hail more from the indica side of things, and if its stocky and somewhat short leaves weren’t enough of an indication, its fine-tuned balance of body and mind effects are! Pine and light green hues are present throughout with purple tinges that accent the stout and dense leaves of the flower. Sprouting with rustic orange hairs, these nugs are frosty and covered in trichromes, or the small white hairs that cover the hemp leaves and stem.

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