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CBD For Pain






CBD For Pain

Jolts of pain keep you awake at night. Achy limbs plague your days. A few years ago, doctors would have slapped you with an opioid prescription.

You have more options now. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is changing the way the medical community thinks about pain. Cannabinoids are all-natural and here’s a study about the effects on addiction.

The potential benefits are so immense that scientists are throwing their brains and resources into research. CBD studies are flourishing.

A quiet revolution has been brewing. Patients seem to be willing to accept that opioids aren’t the only way to treat pain. The allure of CBD can’t be resisted.

What’s CBD?

CBD is an cannabinoid compound, and in its singular form its known as isolate. Each cannabinoid exists solely in cannabis plants. Scientists are especially interested in the compounds because they interact with a complex system in the body referred to as the endocannabinoid system.

Cannabis flowers secrete a cocktail of cannabinoids and essential oils called terpenes. Our laboratories can isolate individual terpenes. Consumers can try CBD flower even if they have no interest other cannabinoids.

When people think about cannabis, they often picture the effects of THC. Not all cannabis is the same, Cultured society has removed the old stigma cannabis used to have during the mid 90’s and if they’ve done their research, they’ve found unique and interesting aspects which just aren’t found in other plants.

What’s Pain?

Pain is actually your body’s way of protecting itself. When your tissues are damaged, the nerves send a signal to your brain. That signal is translated as pain. It’s an important process because it can get you to stop doing things that hurt you.

Imagine having a bowl of chili for lunch. Pain allows you to eat with scalding yourself. If you can’t tell when something is hot or can’t feel the sensation of being scorched, there’s nothing to stop you from gulping down scalding soup.

When pain becomes chronic or acute, it’s very hard to deal with. There’s an entire industry that exists only to help people manage their pain.

Types of Pain

Acute pain is severe and short-lived. If you broke your leg in a ski accident, you would experience acute pain.

Chronic pain lasts for much longer. If your broken leg failed to heal properly, you might have to deal with chronic pain. It might be severe and debilitating or it might be so mild that your life is barely affected.

CBD For Pain

Pain Management

Medical science has come very far, and there are clinical references posted around the web Refer to this clinical trial about opiate dependance

A 2008 study studied the effects CBD has upon chronic pain

Adding CBD to Your Routine

Hemp-derived CBD is legal across America. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble as a consumer. CBD that’s sourced from regular cannabis plants is legal in states with a recreational or medical cannabis industry.

Before taking CBD, we recommend speaking with your doctor.

No one will be able to tell you in advance if CBD will be helpful. When your pain is severe, place a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue. Or try munching on a CBD-infused edible.

Different ingestion methods have different strengths. You might have to play around with dosages and strategies until you find one that works.

We have a variety of premium CBD products for humans and pets, browse around our website and when you see something you want, fill out the form to learn more about our products.

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