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CBD isolate for sale in bulk quantities is an important ingredient in the cannabis (hemp) industry. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant cannabinoid found in hemp and our cannabinoid-rich hemp contains potencies of CBD in the 15-20% range once grown to full maturity. Having a high percentage of CBD in the starting material or hemp biomass is critical to having the highest efficiency during the extraction process. There are several ways to isolate the CBD molecule, and isolation is quite easy to achieve when using high CBD isolate wholesale hemp and current extraction methods.

The first step to produce wholesale and bulk CBD isolate is the initial crude hemp oil extraction. The crude extraction can be completed by using ethanol, CO2, or hydrocarbon extraction methods. After the crude extraction, the oil is then winterized, decarboxylated and distilled to remove all unwanted plant material such as chlorophyll, lipids, waxes, terpenes, and other plant based compounds other than cannabinoids.

Once the pure CBD distillation is complete, you are left with a high CBD full spectrum distillate that is loaded with pure cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, THC, CBDV, CBL, and CBE. From there the distillate goes through another process to remove all cannabinoids except for the CBD. The process to achieve this varies based on the desired method, but common isolation methods utilize hexane or pentane gas to completely isolate the CBD isolate molecule.


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99%+ CBD Isolate

Once the CBD isolate molecule is completely isolated, all solvents are purged and you are left with a pure white powder that tests in ranges from 97-99.9% depending on the lab you test at and the experience of the extractor. Global Cannabinoids CBD wholesale isolate is a pure white powder with no smell and no taste and tests at purities of over 99.5% and usually 99.9%. Wholesale CBD isolate is supplied in large volumes to companies in many industries looking to introduce THC-free hemp-derived CBD molecule to a product formulation.

CBD isolate wholesale is used as an ingredient to ensure that a product has a precise amount of pure CBD in their product. Since CBD isolate is measured in milligrams, it is imperative that an exact amount is added to a product formulation. Companies that are introducing a full spectrum CBD distillate oil into a product formulation will commonly add 99% pure CBD isolate to achieve a precise amount or exact dosage of CBD in a specific ratio of cannabinoids.

Adding CBD isolate to a product formulation is easy since CBD isolate is oil soluble (like all cannabinoids) it can easily be melted into oil and mixed into an oil-based product formulation. If CBD isolate is being added to a water-based formulation, it is important to first solubilize the molecule in a water-soluble CBD form prior to adding it into a mixture of other water-soluble ingredients. Global Cannabinoids manufactures and distributes many versions of water-soluble nano CBD isolate in both powder and liquid form – depending upon what product formulation the ingredient is being mixed into.

Global Cannabinoids wholesale CBD isolate is 3rd-party tested multiple times to ensure the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, mycotoxins, and other contaminants. Potency is also critical to ensure a final product formulation is accurately dosed. Customers purchasing CBD isolate in bulk and wholesale quantities can obtain a sample of our CBD wholesale isolate prior to making a decision. It is always important to test all CBD isolate to ensure the ingredient is of the highest quality and purity. Global Cannabinoids offers supply contracts and the most competitive pricing for CBD isolate wholesale and bulk.

Total Cannabinoid Range: 99+%
CBD Range: 99+%
THC Range: 0% THC
Color: Pure white
Appearance: Crystalline powder

Packaging: Sold in lots of 100 grams and 1 kilograms
Shelf Life: 8 months unopened. Store in a cool, dark location

CAS: 13956-29-1
Molecular Formula: C21H30O2
Molecular Weight: 314.5 g/mol
Melting Point: 126° F (52° C)
Boiling Point: 320 to 356° F (160 to 180° C)

Pure CBD Isolate Lab Testing