CBD Wholesale

CBD Lab Testing

Global Cannabinoids has set the industry standard in hemp cannabinoid testing and quality control. We require a 3rd party test from our extraction labs upon completion of each production batch. Once we receive this lab, we then test internally on our in-house analytical equipment, and then send the sample to another 3rd party lab for full panel analysis. Once these results are returned and approved by our Lab Directors, the concentrate is then either used in a bulk formulation or inventoried for direct distribution. Once a bulk Cannabinoid formulation is performed and completed, we then send a sample back to the 3rd party lab for additional full panel testing to ensure the formula is accurate and ready for final production. By testing each raw ingredient every step of the way, we can ensure that all of our products conform to the highest standards of GMP manufacturing and production. We place QR codes on all products to ensure accurate and easy track and traceability. We believe in producing and distributing the highest quality controlled hemp derived cannabinoid formulations and products.

Please see some recent 3rd party lab test results. For additional testing and compliance documentation please contact your account manager.