If You Sell Hemp & CBD Products On-line: Don’t Let Your Merchant Account Get Shut Down or Seized!

By GC TEAM | Blog

Jan 25

As most of you know, the lack of reliable, inexpensive credit card processing has been very problematic for the cannabis industry.   Many merchant accounts are being shut down and in some cases, the revenue that was generated is being seized!   That’s right! If your an on-line seller of hemp/CBD products,  and you are using either PayPal, Square, or any of the other traditional on-line merchant processor’s,  your business could be at risk!

After many months of hard work trying to determine who is real and who is fake,  we are happy to report that we have found the most reliable, consistent, and inexpensive credit card processing for your on-line CBD store!

The team at Trenchtown CBD Processing can set you up quickly and ensure that your CBD-Hemp-MJ Dispensary business can take all major credit cards.  Don’t waste another day dealing with the stress and drama associated with the traditional credit card processors/merchant accounts.  The Trenchtown team understands cannabis, hemp, CBD, medical MJ and they are perfectly positioned to provide the very best merchant processing services to any cannabis business!  They can even set you up to process all major credit cards at your Medical Marijuana Dispensary!



Here are some more details from Trenchtown:

This is a domestic solution that clears through a UK bank.  All funds remain here in the US and are transferred directly from the card holder at the time of the sale to your business check account.  Daily funding – We do a pre app with the merchant, our bank is looking for people that are aiming to process at least 10k – 20k per month in sales.  We will consider a start up if they have a solid website, bank statements and business plan.  It takes 5-7 days once full application is back to get approved and installed to start processing

Pricing –

No set up fees
Anywhere from 5.95-6.95% + .35 per transaction (depends on business, if its a start up or has existing or past cc processing)
$49.95 per month
$100 annual fee (covers PCI compliance G2 monitoring and scrubbing, etc)
10% rolling reserve up to 180 days as long as processing is clean

This is the only true credit card processing for the CBD industry. There are a few sales offices out there trying to sign people up and apply the under a different business “SIT” code, these are short lived and can be hit with very large fines or seizure of your sales revenue.  Don’t risk your business!  Call the team at Trenchtown today and start increasing your on-line sales BIG TIME!

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