If you’re seeking a reliable, trust-worthy CBD wholesale Europe distributor, we offer you an array of full-spectrum CBD oils and other CBD-based derivatives from hemp for wholesale, bulk or rebranding. Global Cannabinoids CBD oil drops and other Wholesale CBD Europe products contain optimal cannabidiol (CBD) percentage and are produced through a supercritical CO2 extraction process of industrial-grade hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). Our hemp-rich products contain natural terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids blended together to offer the full entourage experience. Whether you are seeking premium CBD oil or other CBD-based products for bulk, white label CBD, private label CBD or rebranding, let us know and we will gladly share our expertise with you. Our deliveries are timely and on schedule, and our products are completely dependable.
CBD Wholesale Europe
CBD Wholesale Europe Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Global Cannabinoids CBD Oil contains natural phytocannabinoids and the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols, and flavonoids present in cannabis (incl. CBD – cannabidiol, CBC – cannabichromene, CBG – cannabigerol, CBDV – cannabidivarin, BCP – ß-caryophyllene). Our one of a kind, groundbreaking post-extraction process enables us to remove undesired waxes and resins from the extract without using alcohol. The resulting product is an amber-colored CBD oil.
CBD Wholesale Europe Full-Spectrum CBD Paste
Global Cannabinoids CBD Paste is produced through the supercritical extraction process of industrial hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and it is readily available with standard CBD percentages ranging from 20-50% CBD.  CBD paste is often consumed by users needing higher dosages of CBD.
CBD Wholesale Europe CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is a semitranslucent powder containing 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD). As the purest form of Cannabidiol, CBD isolate1 contains no THC. Our CBD isolate is extracted through a four-step process, the first of which is called winterization. Through this method, undesirable elements like fats and waxes are eliminated.

The byproduct is an unrefined oil, which needs to go through some refining process. We put it in a mixing machine that works similarly to a blender.

From there, our oil is then deeply frozen for some 12 hours. Then it’s removed and filtered and then taken to an extraction jar.

The fourth and last part of the process is testing the final product for purity and adulteration. Every batch of CBD isolate is carefully inspected, so we make sure no outside element is present in our CBD oil.

Though CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available, it doesn’t mean it can’t be used combined with other CBD products. For example, CBD isolate enhances the effects of CBD hemp flowers thus being a key element for the entourage effect.

Wholesale CBD Europe Isolate Pricing
Purchasing CBD isolates on a commercial level can be expensive. Nevertheless, we want to keep our customers, so we always try to offer you the best possible deals in the market, with very competitive prices. The product will be shipped 24-48 hours after processing your payment.
Wholesale CBD Europe Flowers

Hemp is a type of cannabis Sativa plant, and ‘hemp buds’ are its flowers. Buds contain cannabinoids in high concentration and they represent an alternative to CBD oil as a CBD source. It can be vaped2, smoked or used to make CBD edible products.

Different strains of cannabis have different compositions and characteristics, many of them achieved through years of crossbreeding between plants with desired traits, like a high ratio of CBD and other cannabinoids, adaptability of the plant, productivity and physical traits like flavor, aroma, shape, and color.

Our CBD flowers come from hemp strains with high cannabidiol content and low THC content. They are rich in natural cannabis terpenes and flavonoids, ensuring a premium flavor. For wholesale CBD flower purchase, please inquire.

Is CBD legal in Europe?

At present time, there’s no consensus in Europe3 regarding the legality of CBD, since the laws differ a lot, even between neighboring countries.

In practice, the possession, usage, and purchase of cannabis are legal in every European country, except Slovakia. Nevertheless, CBD is in sort of a grey area in Italy, where it used to be legal until the current government overturned the law. But with the exceptions of Slovakia and Italy, people can travel around the continent with their wholesale CBD European products.

Not every CBD product is the same in Europe
EU regulations mean that certain wholesale CBD European products are more regulated than others, and different rules apply in different countries. The EU recently released a document stating that CBD products are labeled as “novel foods”. It can take up to 3 years for a “novel food” to be approved, so this creates an issue of compliance for those countries freely selling wholesale CBD.


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