CBD & Delta 8 THC Wholesale Florida



The industry of wholesale Delta 8 THC & CBD Florida-based and elsewhere is heating up. Demand for smokable hemp and finished goods containing its active ingredients is at an all-time high. But why has it become so popular in the Sunshine State and what does it do? And what types of business opportunities exist for those interested in the wholesale CBD space? For more information, read on.

CBD Wholesale Florida

CBD Wholesale Florida

CBD & Delta 8 THC Wholesale  Florida – a Brief Breakdown

The cannabis plant has been growing on the planet for tens of thousands of years. It has many different cultivars, with hemp being considered a separate member of the family due to its non-psychoactivity. The plants are thought to be indigenous to Central Asia but have been used through South Asia and to the north throughout history, spreading slowly but surely to the west. The plants were utilized for a variety of things, from medicine to rope and clothing.

CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid that has become more prominent over the last decade thanks to its myriad of potential wellness benefits. While peer-reviewed research remains limited, the compound has been shown to have promise as an alternative treatment for a number of ailments. It was technically illegal in the United States for decades, but the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized the hemp plant’s cultivation and processing which led to massive increases in consumer demand. The so-called “green rush” had arrived.

In the State of Florida, the CBD industry has been especially prominent. This is likely due to the large senior citizen population, a demographic that has embraced hemp. Voters in Florida legalized medical marijuana in 2016, but the program is somewhat restrictive. The legal status of hemp and the availability of a wide variety of products for many makes it a better option. Wholesale Delta 8 THC & CBD in Florida has become a hot business, with many looking to start their own brands or retail shops.

Delta 8 THC Wholesale

Delta 8 THC Wholesale

Delta 8 THC & CBD Wholesale Options in Florida

For those looking to enter the CBD wholesale Florida industry, there are several ways to go about it. Those familiar with agriculture can cultivate hemp and finish it in-house or sell the harvest to outside processors. White label Delta 8 THC & CBD firms exist to help businesses who wish to sell hemp products but don’t want the headache of manufacturing. Those looking to develop their own private label CBD brand can either hire contract manufacturers or do everything themselves. Wholesale CBD dropshipping is also an option and is an easy way to conduct e-commerce with little overhead. Florida has over 21 million people, and the opportunities to capitalize on the hemp plant are seemingly limitless.

Wholesale Delta 8 THC & CBD Florida – Final Thoughts

The United States hemp industry brought in around $4.7 billion in 2019 and is on an upward trajectory. Florida is poised to make up a large percentage of the market, as interest in alternative medicine, especially among seniors, continues to rise. While more studies need to be conducted on the efficacy of CBD, the push for research has gained an immense amount of support from the medical community. Only one CBD-based medication, Epidiolex, has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it’s likely the first of many as discoveries continue to be made.

Wholesale CBD in Florida is available in a variety of forms at prices meant to help business owners get the products they need while remaining profitable, offering consumers a long list of options meant to meet a plethora of needs. From white-label options to full seed to sale production, entrepreneurs in the Sunshine State have plenty of opportunities. The green rush is alive and well with Delta 8 THC & CBD being added to so many wellness regimens – why not cash in?