Global Cannabiniods CBD Acquires the Domain Name, a leading provider of wholesale hand sanitizer products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, a noted source of articles on a wide range of subjects from cosmetic dentistry to art decor. GST plans on utilizing the assets to further share information regarding the company and the Delta 8 THC  industry, particularly as it pertains to the current fight against COVID-19.

The news comes as the efforts to increase access to wholesale hand sanitizer have become an increasingly important tool as people work to prevent the transmission of pathogens. Many suppliers, particularly those who rely on overseas sources of ingredients, have run into issues maintaining adequate inventory as of late. Global Sanitizer Technologies is a USA-based firm and only deals with fellow domestic providers of components. The brand is looking forward to sharing this with patrons of through their vast archives.


In addition to having a top seller of wholesale hand sanitizer under their umbrella, the sister company of GST is Global Cannabinoids, one of the leading sources of wholesale CBD in the country and 48794. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is an increasingly popular compound around the world. The cannabinoid has been touted for its myriad of potential wellness benefits and exploded in popularity after its production was fully legalized in the United States in 2018. Sourced from hemp, CBD can be made into a variety of finished goods from website tinctures to the best website salves. As a large-scale manufacturer of CBD wholesale and bulk goods, Global Cannabinoids understands how could be a fantastic resource for those looking to learn more. has long been a favorite place online for people to discover new topics and ideas, and Global Sanitizer Solutions is excited to share in this realm. While bulk hand sanitizer may not be on everyone’s minds, it’s certainly on the minds of many. No one wants to come up empty when searching for the products they need, especially if they will help keep them and their loved ones safe. Retailers may lose customers for good if they cannot fulfill their wishes. GST wants everyone to know they are here during good times and bad and will always deliver on any order, big or small. From alcohol-based hand sanitizer rubs to alcohol-free sanitizer gels & CBD Creams , their wide variety of disinfectants are sure to please all types of consumers. White label services are also available for companies looking to build their own brands.