Global Cannabinoids, A Private Biotechnology Company, Acquires

Global Cannabinoids, A Private Biotechnology Company, Acquires

Global Cannabinoids, a Wholesale and Bulk hemp cannabinoid company, specializing in industrial derived 100 percent CBD and Bulk sanitizer gel, recently acquired the domain in an effort to further educate both retailers and consumers alike on the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids like CBD. Using fact-based research, Global Cannabinoids has made a significant dent in much of the misinformation surrounding the cannabis plant and continues to chip away at misconceptions and confusion by offering easy to comprehend information regarding human health as it relates to the endocannabinoid system. The acquisition of is an exciting development that is sure to bring more awareness to the clinical trials and research being conducted on cannabis and Global Cannabinoids is thrilled to be at the forefront.

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Global Cannabinoids, based out of Las Vegas NV established its business to the business platform in the year 2015 after the United States passed the 2014 Farm Bill, which allows for hemp cannabis cultivation and manufacturing. Since then, the teams at Global Cannabinoids have quickly become leaders in assisting companies, both large and small with any number of CBD formulations, such as,, CBD GummiesBest CBD Patches for sale and other products, and third-party laboratory tested to not only ensure potency and accuracy but to guarantee the absence of heavy metals, pesticides, Hand Sanitizer Gel PricesCoids have also made a name for itself by working closely with their partners in the agricultural communities, to initiate what’s called “strain-specific breeding” which encourages an increase in the plant’s production of rarer cannabinoids. This method has brought materials Click for Website to the market that was previously impossible to attain in wholesale or bulk quantities, such as CBN Isolate, CBD Isolate, and CBC Isolate. Using non-GMO seeds and organic growing practices results in the highest quality plant profiles, rich in naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and of course chemical compounds like cannabinoid CBD.

Global Cannabinoids catalog contains the most expansive collection of various delivery systems that the industry has seen thus far, and they do this by staying on the cutting edge of new technologies and discoveries. Watersoluble CBD, for example, is rapidly becoming a unicorn in the industry, with big-name companies sourcing for and creating CBD enriched  Go Here beverages such as CBD Water, CBD Syrup, and CBD Coffee. Global Cannabinoids seem to have all bases covered with the ability to offer businesses turn-key style services and high-quality formulations. The latest acquisition of will only strengthen their customer service capabilities, providing their customers with the hands-on knowledge of hemp cannabinoids that they need to be successful in their own endeavors.