Global Cannabinoids Acquired the Domain Of Intrade.Org



As part of its plans to expand operations, the private biotechnology company Global Cannabinoids, which has been active in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015, as one of the main manufacturers B2B distributors of industrial hemp-derived premium CBD products and the best hand sanitizer has  acquired the domain


Global Cannabinoids are nowadays one of the most important distributors of premium, industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids, serving companies wanting to work with a wide variety of tinctures or isolates offered in their product line. Global Cannabinoids options go from Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD to THC Free CBD, but also offer customers the option of selecting their own preferred ingredients for custom blends. Global Cannabinoids also offers its wholesale customers both White Label CBD and CBD Private Label programs to create their own brands.


All the products manufactured and distributed by Global Cannabinoids, are full of cannabinoids like CBD and they are either legally imported or derived from legal industrial hemp, from the biggest hemp farms registered with the Oregon State Department of Agriculture, Colorado State Department of Agriculture, and North Carolina State Department of Agriculture, and they are fully compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill.. CBD products are manufactured with non-GMO, organic hemp plants, containing no chemicals, pesticides, or solvents. Global Cannabinoids have leveraged unique hemp genetics, so the plants are full not only of CBD, but also other unique and less common synergistic cannabis compounds, so they can offer CBC Isolate, CBG Isolate, CBN Isolate, and CBD distillate to its customers.

CBD Sun Block

Global Cannabinoids products, made with premium quality hemp-derived CBD oil, include edibles products like CBD infused Wholesale CBD Gummies, which are great as a food supplement. They also offer Wholesale CBD beverages, like Wholesale CBD water, Wholesale CBD coffee, and Wholesale CBD syrup that can be added to different alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Available products also include CBD topicals, wholesale CBD hand cleaners, with products ranging from pain-relieving creams, lotions to, and facial creams. Wholesale CBD drops and tinctures, and also CBD hand sanitizer gel can be found in real estate locations near San Francisco, which helps fight viruses and bacteria. CBD businesses looking for products like CBD Patches, CBD Soft-gels, and/or CBD Capsules, will certainly find their best option in Global Cannabinoids to be their guide in one of the more promising industries of the new decade.


The acquisition of the domain is certainly a positive addition for Global Cannabinoids, which is very excited to encourage other people in the cannabis community and expand their business to help people understand the properties of CBD and use their overall wellbeing and prevention of illnesses.