What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. It acts as a hydrogenated delta 9 THC which allows it to retain a surprising higher chemical stability than other cannabinoids. HHC has effects that are very similar to delta 9, including the same high it produces, and other properties that make THC so popular and sought-after.

A Psychoactive Hemp Experience

HHC is psychoactive so it’s important to take your time with this cannabinoid. Although it is 30% more intoxicating that delta 8 THC (THC), Bulk HHC Pens can be tolerated more often than delta 8.

Brands That You Already Know

HHC is a relatively new product in the hemp market. However, well-known brands in the industry have not hesitated to create their own unique HHC products for fans to try. You’ll be able enjoy this cannabinoid by purchasing from a company you know produces the highest quality hemp.

Top-Shelf, Lab-Tested HHC

Pure CBD Now offers a variety of high-quality hemp cannabinoid products in varying concentrations, strains, and other options. Our selection of hexahydrocannabinol products is very strict. We only carry the best products.

Common FAQs

  • What is HHC?Hexahydrocannabinol, a naturally occurring cannabinoid, is found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. It is a hydrogenated THC form. This means that it is essentially traditional THC but with hydrogen molecules added. This allows the cannabinoid to retain its chemical stability and has a long shelf life.

  • Is HHC Legal?The Farm Bill of 2018 protects HHC under federal law. The Farm Bill of 2018 protected HHC. HHC is not delta9 THC and therefore it is legal to buy and consume.

  • Is HHC intoxicating? HHC is a psychoactive cannabis cannabinoid. HHC is 30% more toxic than delta 8 and about a third more intoxicating that THC-O. HHC can make you feel more intoxicated than delta 8, and it is dependent on how much you consume.

  • Are there other properties of HHC?  HHC is currently being investigated for its many properties, since the cannabinoid was not given much attention until recently. HHC is a naturally occurring compound that may help to balance the body’s endocannabinoid systems.

  • Delta 9 and HHC are they really the same thing?Every person’s experience with cannabinoids differs, so it is difficult to state that HHC has the same effects for everyone. HHC is now well-known enough to have been used by many people.

  • Can I fail a drug test if I take HHC? Although it is still being tested, there is general agreement that HHC won’t cause a failed drug screen. This would make HHC the only psychoactive cannabinoid from hemp that does not pose a risk to a person failing. HHC seems to be the only intoxicating hemp derivative not metabolized in the THC-COOH enzyme that breaks down THC. This is what drug tests look for in a person’s urine.

  • Is HHC okay for pets or children? Pets and children are not at risk from HHC. HHC is intoxicating and should only be administered to adults. Children and pets do not have the ability to handle the psychoactive effects of cannabinoid. Therefore, administering it to them could cause severe harm.

  • How much HHC should I take? It’s best to start off with the lowest possible dose of HHC if you’re new to it. This could be a puff of a vape or half a gummy. Even if you have used other psychoactive cannabinoids, each person reacts differently to hemp derivatives. As you increase your tolerance to HHC, you can increase the size of your serving.

  • Are there different strains of HHC? There are many strains of HHC products, especially when it comes to flower and vaping products. HHC can be isolated and made into an extract which can be added to flower or mixed with a specific terpene profile. You can find HHC products in indica, indica and hybrid varieties, just like all other cannabinoids.

  • Is HHC going to affect my driving? HHC is an intoxicating cannabis cannabinoid. Driving can be impaired by any intoxicating substance. HHC is more dangerous than delta 8 for comparison. You should avoid driving if HHC is present in your system.