aquired by CBD Wholesale Company Global Cannabinoids


LilySarahGrace.Org domain is recognized as being a staple in providing resources to families in need for many years and was recently acquired by the private biotechnology company, Global Cannabinoids, one of the largest Wholesale CBD producers and manufacturers in the United States, focused on industrially derived hemp cannabinoids in various formulations including Full Spectrum CBD oil, Broad Spectrum CBD oil, and THC Free CBD oil options. This acquisition will allow for Global Cannabinoids to better serve local and international communities, in their effort to educate others and increase overall access to the necessary tools for enhancing personal health and well-being. 


Global Cannabinoids was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2015 and has been consistently expanding and strengthening its operations to provide the highest quality Wholesale and Bulk CBD oil and CBD Isolate in a variety of delivery methods that are currently trending in the marketplace, such as   Click Here   CBD Tinctures, and CBD Topicals. Global Cannabinoids has appeared to have successfully aligned themselves with virtually every vertical in the industry, creating a seamless business to a business operation that is not only well versed in CBD Products including Hand Sanitizer but able to provide a consistent and reliable supply chain in other cannabinoid formulations that are beginning to gain interest, such as CBC Isolate, CBN Isolate and CBG Isolate offered in Wholesale and Bulk quantities within their White Label and Private Label programs.


Global Cannabinoids positioned themselves to be leaders in the hemp cannabinoid revolution early on, by creating several stages in production and manufacturing that involve internal testing of their end products, as well as outsourced third-party laboratory testing, to ensure potency and consistency in labeling. Their mission to educate retailers and business owners with the answers to common questions (such as “Is CBD Oil Legal?”) make for clear cut, simple interactions with customers, lending potential clients the assurance they need to move forward in a rapidly growing industry like Wholesale and Bulk CBD Oil.  


Global Cannabinoids provides one of the largest catalogs of hemp cannabinoid products, all within the wholesale and bulk platform, offering multiple sample packages of various delivery methods so that business owners and consumers have a better grasp on the effects and actions of each cannabinoid concept. All products are produced using full transparency in paperwork, production, and packaging with partnered facilities that operate under GMP certification. 


Custom-made 100% pure CBD oil formulations are available and easy to develop with their top-notch teams working to provide companies with their start-up packages or heavy volume needs. 

If your company is interested in becoming a CBD Oil Distributor, Global Cannabinoids is also capable of offering your business the latest in CBD Skincare, which is expected to be a booming industry in 2020, with their brand new Skincare Catalog featuring over 40 specialty products using organic ingredients and THC Free CBD Isolate. Global Cannabinoids continues to expand their network with new acquisitions and partnerships including our new line of Bulk Hand Sanitizers and  LilySarahGrace.Org to continue to provide businesses with the latest in what’s trending, as well as affording companies more time to focus on their internal efforts, like sales and marketing, by taking on many “turn-key” type services like Drop Shipment of all the hemp cannabinoid products available in the extensive Global Cannabinoids Catalog.