Mimosq.org Domain Acquired by Biotechnology Company Global Cannabinoids



The domain Mimosq, which was in business for several years, was recently acquired by Global Cannabinoids, which produces, manufactures, and distributes industrial hemp-derived CBD products and commercial hand sanitizes of premium quality.


With the acquisition of Mimosq.org, Global Cannabinoids is looking forward to expanding its operations in the field of CBD. Since 2015, Global Cannabinoids has been manufacturing and distributing wholesale full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and THC Free CBD products.


Through the merge with Mimosq.org, Global Cannabinoids will boost the scope of the distribution of their CBD products.


Global Cannabinoids available products, made with premium quality materials include wholesale CBD skincare, with products like pain-relieving creams, lotions, and facial creams. Other topicals include CBD hand sanitizer gel which is very convenient on these times to fight the virus. It also includes edibles products like Wholesale CBD Gummies, and Wholesale CBD beverages Global Cannabinoids also offers CBD cigarettes and other smokable products.


All the products manufactured and distributed by Global Cannabinoids Inc. are tested both in its own labs and by third-party test labs, to ensure the potency, purity, and consistency of the products.


Global Cannabinoids understand very well the acceleration of the industry of cannabis and they want to lead new businesses through selection, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of products.


Global Cannabinoids manufactures and distributes premium quality products that are fully organic, non-GMO, contain no pesticides, no toxic mildew or mold, no residual solvents, and no heavy metals.


Global Cannabinoids also has a wholesale CBD dropshipping program that allows its clients to focus more on sales and marketing without worrying about the process of picking, packing, and shipping to customers. Whether Customers need to have their bulk or wholesale CBD product blind shipped to their final customer, or a retail website wants the product to be shipped directly to their retail customer, Global Cannabinoids drop-shipping and warehousing programs are designed to meet customers’ needs.


As the Wholesale CBD industry continues evolving, competition between manufacturing companies is becoming more ferocious by the minute. Global Cannabinoids intends to take the lead concerning the field of wholesale globalcannabinoids.io products and wholesale globalcannabinoids.io  products. Over the past year, cannabidiol-based (CBD) products have swiftly emerged thanks to various successful legislation efforts.


The acquisition of mimosq.org is positive for Global Cannabinoids because it consolidates operations through acquisitions, which will provide a great opportunity to take advantage of this. Global Cannabinoids wants to become the leader in the CBD industry, and at the same time, provide a good experience for customers through this productive journey along with mimosq.org.