Domain Name Purchased By Global Cannabiniods


is readily available. This region has been especially hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic with supplies of critical tools meant to slow the spread often becoming limited. The deal with will further the Global Sanitizer mission of getting these tools to those who need them most.

The acquisition of the domain comes in the midst of an unprecedented crisis affecting New Yorkers in the worst of ways. Global Sanitizers was founded on the principle that anyone – from an office worker to a high school student to a mom and her family – can get access to bulk hand sanitizer they want and need. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared in 2002 that using hand sanitizer is an effective alternative when washing hands combined with online CBD Tincture with warm water and soap is not possible. The coronavirus has led to people using hand sanitizer sometimes multiple times per day, particularly in public places. Some retailers are unable to keep up with this rise in demand but Global Sanitizers has what it takes to meet every need – big or small.

News will also be shared regarding the recent efforts by wholesale CBD companies to help increase the inventory of bulk hand sanitizer. Hemp processors typically have access to the main ingredients in hand sanitizer, therefore, making it an easy decision to begin the production of such products. Both private label CBD companies and white-label CBD firms have opted to jump headfirst into the wholesale hand sanitizer game. This is not just a smart business decision, but also a compassionate move meant to ensure this crucial product is available for the duration of the pandemic and beyond. Makers of CBD wholesale goods typically have a deep-rooted commitment to the community, and this recent foray into hand hygiene is a key example.

Global is looking forward to sharing its capabilities and facts about hand sanitizer with patrons of The acquisition will enable visitors to explore product offerings as well as the overall brand ethos. Access to critical hand hygiene tools is more important than ever and Medically minded CBD is proud to be one of the top suppliers in the country.©. All rights reserved.