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Overcoming CBD Business Growth Challenges






How to Overcome Business Growth Challenges

If no one sees your brand, then how are you going to get sales?

In this article we’ll be talking about the primary challenge you’ll face in the CBD industry and how to overcome it.

The number one obstacle that stands in your way of success in this industry is the lack of customers. Taking a few minutes to go through this article will give you the information to get started creating profit from your wholesale order quickly.

Here’s a note I received in an email from a new customer of ours who joined this industry without knowing the difference between isolate and full spectrum.

“Looking at the first shipment of CBD oil I’d received in the mail, I immediately began worrying about if I could sell it or not. After taking the time to write down my version of the ideal customer on a piece of paper, I realized there are several methods to create both an active and passive income in the cannabinoid industry. Fast forward to the present time, and there are several people consistently purchasing our CBD and we’re distributing several kilograms a month, the most exciting part is that our company isn’t finished growing yet.” – A.W.

There are billions of people and plenty of pets with an endocannabinoid system who may benefit from purchasing CBD. If people aren’t purchasing CBD from you and they want it, then they’ll purchase it from someone else. Might as well be from you, right? We provide you with everything you need to sell high quality cannabinoids at a rate that can put a smile on your customer’s face, and your accountant’s face.

Private Labeling vs. Wholesale Brands

When you use our private label and white label services, you’ve connected yourself directly to our hemp supply chain and turnkey manufacturing system. Our farmers produce hemp exclusively for us, and the grass roots savings are passed directly to you, our customer, granting you both high profit margins and the ability to offer a competitive rate.

Purchasing our branded products will allow you to benefit from our advertising because there could be people who already trust the brand’s we’ve created, and people tend to remain purchasing products from brands they trust.

Perhaps the fastest way to get started in this business is by purchasing the branded products at wholesale and reselling them. An extremely popular CBD product is the tincture because placing a couple droppers underneath your tongue is one of the fastest ways for the cannabinoid to enter your blood stream.

As a private label or white label customer, you have full control over your brand, the packaging, labeling and advertising, distribution, and you can place your brand up for sale whenever you’d please.

The amount retail space your brand is being presented in, the customers you have on your email list, and the annual sales of the brand could have a direct influence on the amount of money your brand is worth in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Here’s a few revenue generating places that you can place your CBD in:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Health and wellness stores
  • Supplement shops
  • Gas stations
  • E-commerce stores
  • Direct to consumer
  • Other places inhabited by humans

If your prospect is already selling CBD, then they already accept the idea and find the idea profitable enough to place the products on their shelves. Not every business accepts the idea yet, though if they’ve read the latest Forbes article as of 8/5/2019, then they know that the hemp industry is bringing in billions of dollars annually and its growing rapidly.

Check which CBD products your B2B prospects aren’t offering yet, and find out rate what they’re purchasing for, and exactly the cannabinoid content of their products. They could be over paying or offering a limited variety of products, or they could be offering an isolate-only product when they could be offering a full-spectrum and broad-spectrum product as well. Any of these scenarios may present an opportunity for you if you’re willing to do the market research.

With every retail location deal created, you’re virtually guaranteed more eyes on your products and an increased number of sales. If the products are quality in the eyes of your consumer, then word of mouth will work in your favor.

Leveraging search engines – a hidden goldmine

The most technically difficult and resource intensive search queries to surface for are the general search queries that aren’t location based, they often found by people multiple nations who use the language and can literally help your company expand its distribution channels internationally, given the international logistics are figured out.

For most people, distributing CBD to the country their business is currently residing in presents the least amount of road blocks. If you’ve attempted to ship CBD internationally and are blocked by border customs, there are other people who can relate. The owner of the brand Herb Connects was telling me she tried to ship CBD products to Italy, and customs sent it back, and then to make things more difficult, the postal service USPS gave them a warning, this was before they allowed brands selling industrial hemp products to be registered in their system.

Using location-based search queries and search engine geotargeting technology is an easier method of connecting customers with your products compared to directly targeting national level search queries.

There’s less competition on a citywide level than there is on a national playing field. Since there’s less competition, the amount of capital you’ll need to invest into your SEO campaign will be lower when you target cities.

For customers who solely rely on Global Cannabinoids as their supplier have access to my proprietary SEO system that fast tracks your brand in the search engines.

The process of rising in the search engines can take you several years without taking advantage of the proprietary SEO technology I’ve been perfecting for several years.

Additionally, you don’t have to know anything about how a search engine operates or the hidden techniques used to overcome companies backed by venture capitalists and 3rd party investors. Partner with Global Cannabinoids and the SEO strategy is taken care of for you by my team and I.

The technology is executed to boost your brand in the search engines, and its proven to help brands reach prospect in every state without having to leave your house, and is available exclusively to our partners.

As time passes and new brands enter the market, the barrier of entry grows higher for your SEO campaign, which means you’ll have to invest more capital to get the same results. If SEO is on your list of things that need to be done, then you should reach out by emailing [email protected] or message me on Linkedin as soon as possible to apply.

Hesitating on SEO will inevitably result in a longer waiting period due to restrictive, time-based algorithms, as well as a mandatory raise in investment capital due to the ever-increasing workload that occurs when other brands are competing in the same digital space.

Here are a few SEO tips for beginners who are interested in learning more about the search engines, and follow the link in the article to learn information that no agency (besides mine) would ever want you to know.

Since the space in the search engines is limited to a small amount of people in each geological area, the section about SEO may be deleted when the positions are filled, so people don’t feel like they’re being left out.

Trade Shows

Opening a booth at a trade show dedicated to CBD or cannabis may be the most difficult way for your company to stand out amongst all the other brands offering the similar products, unless you have something new to share. Now I’d recommend testing out this theory yourself to see the best fit for you, so there are several types of trade shows that are not dedicated to cannabis / CBD which means instead of 10 CBD booths lined up in a row, you could be surrounded by other types of botanical extracts.

Less competition in a trade-show space could result in a higher amount of leads generated per show vs. a dedicated CBD show. If trade shows are your thing, would this idea be worth trying out?

To claim your stake in this multi-billion dollar industry, acting quickly and consistently following a solid game plan – obtain new customers – will help you create the revenue streams your brand may require to continue expanding.