Domain Acquired By CBD Power House Global


Well-known Hemp Cannabinoid & Delta 8 THC, powerhouse, Global Cannabinoids, established in 2015 and based out of Las Vegas, NV, once again leads the way in pro-growth consolidation with its recent acquisition of ”, an online company serving the herbal culture queries and suggestions. This acquisition proves to be an exciting introduction of like minds and teams of people that are committed to the applied knowledge and documented results experienced within the plant kingdom and hand sanitizers for cleaning hands. Global Cannabinoids has a decided interest in agriculture and farming, specifically CBD Farms, as being one of the leaders in business-to-business CBD Wholesale Distribution and plans to continue to expand its network and internal relations with connections stemming from this acquisition.     

Global Cannabinoids have intentionally merged with or acquired companies and organizations that will broaden their local and international reach in an effort to remain forerunners in the Wholesale Hemp Oil industry featuring high demand materials, such as CBD Isolate, CBG Isolate, CBN Isolate, and even Wholesale CBD for pets. Global Cannabinoids have remained at the top of sales and business to business relations due in part to its ability to streamline industry Labry needs under one roof, in a sense, offering companies a one-stop-shop feeling with its abundant turn key services. Both  CBD Whitel Pricing  and CBD Private Label Pricing programs are available and can be combined with their exclusive Drop Shipment capabilities so that seamlessly interactions can develop between customers and clients. 


Global Cannabinoids use multiple in-house testing procedures on every product they offer to not only ensure consistency, potency, and quality but to set a necessary standard for the marketplace. Businesses sourcing from Global Cannabinoids are setting a trend due to the transparency in laboratory testing and the availability of third-party lab results, sometimes linked directly to its CBD Tinctures. Hemp plant profiling begins at flowering stages to ascertain the correct levels of cannabinoids so that strain-specific breeding can yield more naturally occurring Cannabidiol, resulting in 100% pure hand sanitizer CBD.

 To date, Global Cannabinoids has one of the largest wholesale and bulk catalogs focused on CBD Products that the market is searching for including Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, THC Free Cbd, and Water Soluble Delta 8 THC, a current market trend featuring well-recognized brands. Despite the clamor for the best of the best, Global Cannabinoids remains calm, stocked, and educated, with well-informed teams, trained for the ever-evolving landscape that hemp cannabinoids are forming. The combined forces of the grass-roots group of people supporting the teams and the well-versed folks at Global Cannabinoids is a truly positive outcome for both humans and plants alike in the world of natural medicines and plant-based supplements.