domain acquired by domain acquired by, a top brand in the hemp space, recently announced the acquisition of This website was the home of leading European scientific media and will now share its platform in order to inform patrons of the line and their abilities within the wholesale CBD space. The company offers a wide variety of hemp products and is looking forward to letting the world know more.

Sharing the space will cement Medically Minded CBD as an authority in the hemp industry especially as it relates to the research into the compound. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids but arguably one of the most studied. While these studies are new, they are setting the stage for hemp research for years to come. White label CBD and private label CBD are also hot topics as many businesses look to introduce their own hemp brands to the masses. will allow these entities to learn more about CBD and the potential revenue it can create – not to mention how it helps others.

The news of the purchase comes as rises to the occasion in the journey to stop the spread of viruses like COVID-19. The company recently introduced a line of CBD Isolate, and hand sanitizers, an effective tool in the fight against germs. The product would fit in well on the site as it is in the next wave of hand hygiene technology. Wholesale hand sanitizer is also available in addition to individual bottles. Bulk hand sanitizer is an important segment of the market and the company wants to ensure all customers, from business owners to families, can get the disinfectants they need.

This acquisition of is a great development for,, both in terms of the CBD wholesale space and the hemp compound research space. The company has always strived to provide accurate and helpful information to anyone interested in learning about the multitude of potential CBD has – both in business and life. Tapping into the network of European science media will behoove the brand by widening exposure and may also help increase the number of studies into hemp, for both wellness and industrial uses. This could lead to a boom in new products and discoveries about the plant itself. is a place for the top minds in Europe and a new world for the, brand