Acquired the domain, a popular men’s high-end fashion blog, has been acquired by Technologies, a top US-based provider of hand hygiene products. The move was meant to increase awareness of the company while at the same time boosting access to supplies critical to the fight against viruses like COVID-19 using this CBD online website. Using hand sanitizer is an effective alternative to washing hands with soap and warm water when that act is not possible. GST offers a wide variety of bulk hand sanitizer and individual gels, sprays, wipes, and rubs in both alcohol-based formulas and alcohol-free options.

The purchase of was part of a broader effort by GST to ensure all businesses, non-profits, healthcare centers, daycares, and homes have the wholesale hand sanitizer they need. The coronavirus crisis has led to supply chain issues across the board, with many retailers completely out of stock of many items – including sanitizers. is unique in that they only deal with fellow domestic purveyors of ingredients and bottles, meaning they never face the same hiccups as competitors. The company was started with the goal of protecting people no matter what the circumstance and patrons of will soon come to understand this.

Visitors to the domain will also have the chance to learn more about the different industries coming together to aid in the fight to stop the spread. Many wholesale CBD businesses have opted to start crafting their own bulk hand sanitizer, thanks to many of them already have access to the necessary ingredients. Hemp processors use these components in the extraction process, both to make white label CBD products and private label CBD as well. The decision to jump into action was a no-brainer for many of these CBD wholesale business owners, as it’s an easy yet impactful way to aid the community in a time of great uncertainty.

The acquisition of is an exciting move for GST, as it will help solidify its brand while simultaneously getting critical supplies to the masses. Visitors to the site will come to find out the wholesale hand sanitizer they desire is only a click away; never again will they come up empty-handed. With COVID-19 still threatening communities around the globe, GST is proud to be able to do its part to stop the spread. Washing hands may be the best bet but it’s not always possible. Thanks to GST, people will still be able to eliminate germs and viruses from their hands wherever, whenever.