STAGRAM.COM Domain Acquired by Global Cannabinoids.IO

Global Cannabinoids Acquires the STAGRAM.COM Domain as it Expands its Social Media Marketing Efforts Across the INSTAGRAM and WEBSTAGRAM Networks

Global Cannabinoids, the leading CBD manufacturing and distribution company in the USA, has acquired the valuable domain name in its most recent acquisition. Through its purchase of, the Global Cannabinoids company will be rapidly expanding across social media platforms such as Instagram and Webstagram in an effort to broaden its reach here in the United States. Global Cannabinoids intends to utilize the domain to target consumers of CBD ISOLATE – a form of purified CBD CRYSTALS, CBD POWDER – a product made from pulverized WHOLESALE CBD in crystal form, and – WHOLESALE HEMP FLOWER that is rolled exactly the same way as filtered cigarettes except with WHOLESALE CBD FLOWER.

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As more users begin to take control of their CBD BRAND, Global Cannabinoids will be able to provide them with   and products. Some of the most popular WHOLESALE CBD PRODUCTS FOR SALE across the Webstagram and platforms are WHOLESALE CBD GUMMIES, WHOLESALE CBD OIL, CBD EXTRACT, HAND GEL CLEANER, and CBD POWDER. By providing a user’s Global Canna account with WHOLESALE CBD PRODUCTS from world-class CBD MANUFACTURERS and CBD DISTRIBUTORS, Global users can be assured of the highest quality source provider of WHOLESALE CBN ISOLATE, CBG ISOLATE, and CBC ISOLATE for use in various forms of high-quality CBD WHITE LABEL and CBD PRIVATE LABEL forms. Most recently, Global Cannabinoids launched a HAND SANITIZER infused with PURE CBD and PURE CBG.

With the overwhelming attention toward WHOLESALE HAND SANITIZER, the Global Cannabinoids team has positioned its unique CBD HAND SANITIZER in the retail market via its consumer brand called MEDICALLY MINDED CBD. In order to accomplish this new CBD PRODUCT formulation, the Global formulations team infused CBD OIL WHOLESALE into an ethanol alcohol sanitizer gel manufactured in an OTC facility that is also GMP CERTIFIED and FDA registered. Images on Photobucket of CBD CRYSTALS and CBD DISTILLATE appear via a user’s Global feed which is then broadcast across the internet and rises in popularity as the overwatch boost is triggered in the Global feed. When Global image rises in popularity, the CBD WHOLESALE results on the search feed are highlighted as a product is then suggested to the user.

The Global Cannabinoids’ social media page on Instagram is the most followed Instagram page out of all CBD COMPANIES in the world. Global Cannabinoids FACEBOOK PAGE also boasts an impressive amount of CBD followers. By combining the power of social media platforms like, Instagram, and Webstagram, Global Cannabinoids can harness the true potential of consumer-generated data across multiple platforms in order to create the best WHOLESALE CBD PRODUCTS for sale to specific demographics of consumers.

Global Cannabinoids is the owner of which is the largest online platform for BULK CBD, WHOLESALE CBD, CBD GUMMIES WHOLESALE, WHITE LABEL CBD, PRIVATE LABEL CBD, and CBD FOR PETS. The distribution platform reaches across many types of verticals such as animal health, nutraceutical, CBD COSMETICS, CBD SKINCARE, sports nutrition, and the marijuana industry. Global Cannabinoids are the leading ingredient supplier of hemp-derived cannabinoids to Fortune 500 companies located around the world. Global Cannabinoids recently formed GLOBAL SANITIZERS in order to target WHOLESALE HAND SANITIZER, which Global Cannabinoids has identified as a key growth driver in the world of topicals which is one of the fastest-growing categories among all WHOLESALE CBD PRODUCTS FOR SALE.