Can you get white label CBD in California and have the great opportunity to start your own very lucrative business? CBD oil products are causing a big revolution in the health and wellness world. People are starting to find out all the great benefits associated with this derivative of cannabis Sativa plants, which helps relieve a series of symptoms related to different health problems, inducing a state of relaxation and wellness to your whole body and mind.

And one of the places where this almost miracle substance is most popular is, of course, the State of California. When you think about California, the first thing coming to mind are beaches, sun, relaxation, fitness and a healthy way of living. It's not a surprise then that the Golden State was the first state in the United States that made derivative products of cannabis, that is, marijuana products containing THC, legal for both medical and recreational use.


But what happens to CBD? CBD is legal in the State of California because, in Golden State, CBD is considered a marijuana product. But at the same time, we must mention that CBD regulations in California have undergone several changes.  In general, it's easy for CBD users in California to get their products. But, while marijuana products are legal for medical and recreational use in California1, Federal authorities don't label CBD as a marijuana product.

Through Proposition 64, marijuana and associated products became legal in the State of California both for medical and recreational use, so, on a state level, since CBD is still considered as a marijuana product, it's legal. You can buy CBD products if you are at least 21 years old and a resident or visitor to the state of California. Nevertheless, the legality of CBD food products has not been decided yet.

White Label CBD Products Are Great for California Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries!

Why sell other CBD products when you can brand your own unique line of CBD products based on your dispensary brand? Our Staff at Global can help you develop your own custom CBD formulated products for your business or CBD distribution company complete with your branding and company name. When you partner with Global Cannabinoids your business can brand its own line of :

  • CBD Oils
  • CBD Vape Pens
  • Hemp Cigarettes
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles & Gummies

And Much More!

White Label CBD: Your Brand To Commercialize

Thanks to the ever-growing demand for CBD products from people who trust them to help relieve different health problems, starting your own CBD business can be a very profitable opportunity. You can do that by either becoming a distributor of an already established brand or, even better, you can own your brand of products. The way of doing it is through white label products.

White label is when a manufacturer sells its products to third parties, who rebrand the products and commercialize them as their own, avoiding all the costs associated with production. And you can anyway purchase White Label CBD in California. Even if the edible products are still on sort of a legal gray area, many other CBD oil products can be purchased to be commercialized in the State of California.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing White Label CBD In California?

Of course, there are many benefits to purchasing white label CBD in California. First of all, it's is pretty easy because, due to the legal status of CBD and marijuana products in California, there will never be a shortage of options. Other benefits are:

  • Avoid all the processes associated with the production and testing of the products.
  • Work with people who already have experience in the field of CBD business.
  • Work with a team that is experienced in building a CBD brand.
  • Get advice about what CBD products are the best for purchasing and selling.
  • Between 30% and 80% off the retail price, depending on your supplier.
What Products Are Available For Purchase As White Label CBD In California?

Among the products that can be purchased in California to start your own CBD business are:

  • CBD skincare and cosmetics
  • CBD flowers
  • CBD smoking products

CBD is the future of the health industry. And a very safe way of becoming an entrepreneur.


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