Our white label hemp CBD products are manufactured in one of our GMP or ISO certified facilities under some of the highest quality control standards in the hemp industry.  The white label products we manufacture and maintain in inventory are based on the data we collect from our website which can identify trends in the industry that can tell us where the demand is coming from, what cannabinoid potencies are in the most demand, what flavors are in demand, which CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC products are in the most demand, and also identify trending botanical ingredients.  By using our data to make data driven decisions, the Global Cannabinoids product development team can create products that are guaranteed to sell in the marketplace.

White label CBD products are excellent because they are 3rd party tested, proven effective formulations, and based on products that we know your customers will buy.  Our approach to CBD product development is based on the belief that if you removed the CBD or cannabinoids from the formulation, the product is still highly desired by consumers.  In order to achieve this we use formulations of the highest quality ingredients that are trending across multiple industries.  For example, we have a hyaluronic acid + CBD anti-aging serum, lavender & chamomile + CBD skin toner, as well as a green tea + CBD facial cleanser.  These products appeal to a wide demographic of consumers and contain ingredients that are currently popular in the skin care and beauty industries.

White label CBD products are the easiest way to begin selling your CBD brand on the store shelf immediately.  We can provide you with QR codes to attach to your product so that it can have full traceability from seed to sale.  Our CBD products are 3rd party tested multiple times by state licensed labs and our quality control team works hard to ensure all products are shelf stable and ready for distribution.  We maintain an inventory in our temperature controlled warehouse and we take random samples for testing and analysis.  When you purchase white label CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC products from us, in either full spectrum or THC free broad spectrum form, you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality CBD products

We are constantly developing products for white label distribution and always striving to be on the cutting edge of hemp derived CBD and cannabinoid product development and delivery technology.

Some of the high-quality white label CBD products we have created are:

  • White Label CBD Skin Care
  • White Label CBD Cosmetics
  • White Label THC-Free CBD Soft Gels
  • White Label CBN Soft Gels With Chamomile + Valerian
  • White Label THC-Free Broad Spectrum Soft Gels
  • White Label CBD Honey Sticks
  • White Label CBD Tinctures
  • White Label CBD Vegan Gummies
  • White Label CBD Edibles
  • White Label CBD Topical Patches
  • White Label CBD Lotion
  • White Label CBD Cream
  • White Label CBD Balm
  • White Label CBD Salve
  • White Label CBD Water
  • White Label CBD Pills
  • White Label CBD Capsules
  • White Label CBD Dog Biscuits / Treats
  • White Label CBD Tinctures For Pets
  • White Label CBD Horse Treats
  • White Label CBD Freeze Roll-Ons
  • White Label CBD Sprays
  • White Label Hemp CBD Cigarettes
  • White Label Water Soluble CBD Nano Tinctures
  • White Label Nano CBD Sprays