White Label CBD Manufacturing

White Label CBD Manufacturing

White Label CBD Manufacturing

Global Cannabinoids is the largest and most efficient wholesale and bulk distributor of high quality hemp cannabinoid products, anywhere in the world. Our supply chain is built upon years of experience and the connections we have made with our strain specific hemp farmers, who are well versed in the specialized needs of the hemp/cannabis plant. We have the best and most consistent supply chain of any bulk wholesale company, allowing our teams to assist businesses like yours in providing your customers with the very best CBD (or other hemp cannabinoid) products available. 


Place your brand on any of the products we provide! This is the fastest and easiest way to get started creating profits in the cannabinoid industry. 

We've obtained several years of experience farming, processing, formulating and branding hemp derived cannabinoids for the sole purpose of saving you precious time and resources.

​We have ISO & GMP certified facilities working round the clock to provide quick branding, labeling, packaging and shipping. ​

The private label and white label CBD program are affordable and its easy to get started. Contact your account representative today to begin the process.

Our Bulk White Label CBD Products

If you are new to hemp/cannabis and are interested in adding one of our many hemp-cannabinoid rich finished products to your brand concept, without the hassle of coordinating the production and manufacturing side of things, then our White Label program may be perfect for you. Global Cannabinoids is the leader in supporting businesses like yours with finished products that are third party lab tested and produced with GMP certifications. The White Label program is geared towards companies who already have their brand concept finalized and are looking for a trustworthy wholesale/bulk distributor to handle sourcing, manufacturing, production and delivery in a timely consistent manner for them, so that the brand label can be applied to the product. The White Label program is built specifically for a company who is prepared to place labels on the standard finished products that they have selected from us, with the assurance that all the necessary checks and balances have been conducted.

White Label CBD Supply Chain

Having a timely supply chain along with a consistent product is the key to building a loyal customer base, and there is no one who understands how important it is to have a solid backbone for your business, than the teams at Global Cannabinoids. Our teams are highly educated in helping you select the perfect delivery methods for your brand concept with state law regulations in mind. If you are ready to launch your brand concept into one of the fastest growing markets in the world, then we are the best supplier you could work with because we are the best wholesale/bulk distributor in the industry. We do not work with middle men and we are not brokers so the assurance that your finished product has seed to sale traceability is a given when it comes to working with us.

Wholesale White Label Finished Products

Global Cannabinoids has the widest selection of finished products of any company in the United States along with the ability to provide your brand with any number of “ready to label” skus like: THC Free edibles in fruit flavored shaped gummies or sour drop formulations with various strengths or flavored (and unflavored) tinctures in 300mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg (and higher) quantities that use essential oils and only the best full spectrum, broad spectrum, distilled and non distilled hemp oils available. Perhaps you have a cannabinoid specific or partial spectrum rich cream, salve or balm in mind, using a variety of strengths such as 500mg or 1000mg THC Free CBD Rich formulations. 

Global Cannabinoids is happy to assist your company with the brand concepts you are prepared to launch with one of our goals being to help your consumers incorporate a wider variety of delivery methods for their own personal use. Our wide selection of finished product offerings are here to help your business streamline its brand by utilizing our superior White Label program.

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