Wholesale CBD Dropshipping

Global Cannabinoids can now handle all of your CBD dropshipping needs. Whether you need to have your bulk or wholesale hemp product blind shipped to your CBD customer, or you have a retail website and would like us to ship directly to your retail customer, our drop-shipping and warehousing program is designed specifically for you.

Since we are a bulk and wholesale B2B producer, manufacturer, and distributor, we supply a wide variety of CBD brands, CBD networks, CBD hemp manufacturers, and CBD distributors. Instead of shipping to you and then you shipping to your customer, it could make more sense to let us handle your complete drop shipping needs.

We created a special CBD program to meet the order fulfillment and shipping needs of all customers under our CBDSTARTUP.com platform.

Image CBD Dropshipping

Not only can we now manufacture your CBD drop-shipping products, but we can warehouse your product and ship your product direct to consumers as your orders are processed on your website!

Our CBD Dropshipping Program

This new CBD drop-shipping program allows customers to focus more on sales and marketing, and less on trying to pick, pack, and pull orders from your warehouse or designated fulfillment location to ship to customers. Global Cannabinoids and our CBDSTARTUP.io teams also ensure that all products are stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight which maintains its freshness. Many warehouses and distribution centers do not have temperature controlled facilities and this could seriously accelerate the expiration of the product as cannabinoids are sensitive to light, and heat and can break down if not stored correctly.

Some of the highlights of our program include:

  • No Minimums
  • We warehouse your products
  • Flat Monthly Rate + $2.25/per item shipped
  • Instant Updates on Orders
  • No Long-Term Contracts. Cancel Anytime