CBD Liquids and Oils

Wholesale CBD Liquids and Oil

Global Cannabinoids have the purest, most consistent oil and liquid hemp cannabinoid formulations available in the world, ready to provide to your business and available in a variety of different levels of distillation and processing. We have the highest quality, richest hemp CBD liquids, and oils that can be calculated to your exact specification so you can create product concept designs using your own preferred terpene and cannabinoid combinations. We are happy to educate and cater to your product needs, meaning that all of our oils and liquids are available for purchase in wholesale and bulk quantities with the full understanding of your selection, so you can take the guess-work out of you and your consumers experience. Our teams are renowned for their customer service and clear communication about all of our bulk offerings. 

Global is able to offer the best wholesale cannabinoid oils and liquids in the hemp industry due, in part, to our superior connections with the farming communities and our combined knowledge of the plant and the methods needed to grow the incredible hemp/cannabis that we do. Our farmers specialize in strain breeding, which allows for plants to create more of one specific (or several specific) cannabinoids. Ancestral plants bred for a certain cannabinoid or terpene profile has not only created our access to a vast supply of strains but more importantly, has made it possible to cultivate more naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids and make them available to you in our liquid or oil formulations. 

The Best Bulk CBD Liquids & Oils

Liquid and oil-based formulations are truly fantastic for flexibility in regard to creative product concepts. Whether you are looking to create a supplemental juice or nutrient-dense vitamin water concept using our lab-tested nano-tech water-soluble liquids or you are interested in exploring more of the scientifically researched “entourage effect” with our non-distilled crude oils, Global Cannabinoids is on the cutting edge of the latest in the extraction and distillation techniques necessary to create superior products that will put your business a cut above your competition. 


Global also partners with and has access to superior laboratory technicians who understand the delicate molecular structures of hemp, thereby aiding their ability to preserve those more precious and rare cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, and CBN. This experience also allows our techs to capture mass amounts of CBD for richer, denser oils and liquids. Using magnetic resonance technology and equipment made for the hemp plant specifically, combined with years of trial and error methodology, means our labs and their techs are more than capable of providing consistent cannabinoid and terpene profiles each and every time, on every wholesale and bulk offering we have.

Wholesale CBD Liquids

Wholesale CBD Liquids

Global Cannabinoids also operate under, what is considered to be, the strictest standards in quality control methods found in the industry thus far. From “seed to sale” philosophy is not only essential for doing business with integrity, but it is also important for building trust in your brand. We make it easy to be confident in your product line with the promise that every wholesale and bulk item we offer, is guaranteed to be produced using these high standards of quality control. The assurance that your oil or liquid formulation, is in compliance with these GMP facility regulations comes with the territory and Globals teams are ready to assist you in the realization of your product creations so you can offer your customers the very best there is to offer. Producing and manufacturing all of our bulk/wholesale oils and liquids in GMP facilities, with these high levels of quality control, means cutting edge technology and triple checks throughout each step, which ultimately leads to the most consistent wholesale and bulk supply chain out there. All of our CBD rich hemp cannabinoid oils and liquids are tested by state-licensed 3rd party labs to ensure potency and a consistent ratio of the cannabinoids you are looking for to develop your company’s product concepts.

We are pleased and happy to offer Wholesale True Full Spectrum Whole Hemp extract, THC Free Whole Hemp Extract, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Distillate, THC Free Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, THC Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate, THC Free Partial Spectrum Distillate, THC Free Partial Spectrum CBN Distillate, THC Free Partial Spectrum CBG Distillate, and THC Free Partial Spectrum CBC Distillate.

We also offer Wholesale Water Soluble CBD oils and wholesale CBD liquids made with a full or broad spectrum depending on the application.