Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Michigan

Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC in Michigan is an intriguing and popular subject as of late. As the hemp industry continues to explode across the country, residents of the Great Lake state are more curious than ever. Business people looking to get in on the so-called “green rush” are also taking note of the ever-changing landscape of cannabis and CBD in particular. How did the plant become so prominent in Michigan and what are some of the ways to get involved? Read on to find out!

Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THCMichigan

Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Michigan

Wholesale CBD Michigan - a Primer

To understand the hemp plant, one must travel back in time tens of thousands of years to Asia where the plant originated. While native to the Far East, cannabis and hemp soon spread slowly to the west, even landing in the 13 original colonies of the United States. It has a wide range of uses, including as a medicine, a religious sacrament, and as tools such as textiles or rope. For the majority of history, it had a prominent place in society. While the plant faced a period of criminalization in the late 1930s, it had a resurgence nearly 100 years later when the 2018 Farm Bill effectively legalized hemp production nationwide.

The Midwest has remained cautious on hemp in general, but Michiganites are optimistic about its potential. The state has had medical marijuana since 2008 and adult-use cannabis was approved in 2018. However, hemp is more widely available since it’s not psychoactive and commands less tax. The plant has become a popular crop for local farmers and citizens have been enjoying the many different finished products it has to offer, from smokable hemp prerolls to CBD bath bombs.

What Do We Know About Wholesale Delta 8 THC & CBD in Michigan?

CBD is short for cannabidiol and is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It enters the body via CB1 and CB2 receptors which are mostly located in the nervous system and brain in what’s known as the endocannabinoid system. While not psychoactive, the compound has been hailed for its wide range of perceived health benefits. In the health and wellness space, it is definitely one of the most sought-after additives. This is one of the reasons why wholesale Delta 8 THC CBD in Michigan is getting so big.

While peer-reviewed research on CBD remains limited, anecdotal evidence has proven to be promising. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has so far only approved one CBD-based drug; called Epidiolex, the oral solution is used to treat two severe forms of childhood-onset epilepsy. 

Wholesale CBD Hand Sanitizer in Michigan - Steps Into the Spotlight

As the coronavirus crisis makes its way across the country, many wholesale CBD companies have wondered how they can get involved. Bulk hand sanitizer has become an important tool in the fight to stop the spread, as the use of the product is an effective way to kill germs and viruses on contact. Knowing they already had access to large quantities of ingredients, many hemp processors decided to take action, pivoting into wholesale hand sanitizer production. The addition of CBD excited many consumers as it helped them maintain their cannabidiol intake while at the same time protecting themselves from potentially dangerous pathogens. Now, CBD hand sanitizer is yet another item in many product lines.

Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Michigan Industry Options

Breaking into the CBD wholesale business in Michigan is not difficult, and may prove to be quite fruitful. In addition to processing and growing, entrepreneurs may decide to launch their own brands using white label delta 8 THC CBD makers or private label Delta 8 THC CBD formulas. Some business people decide to open local brick and mortar retail locations resembling spas and pharmacies while others open e-commerce operations, deploying wholesale CBD dropshipping methods. All of these offer their own unique benefits, so careful consideration should be taken before deploying a strategy.

Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 Michigan professionals are finding themselves on the right side of history in terms of both wellness and investments. It’s not too late to get involved - the global hemp industry is on track to be worth tens of billions of dollars in just a few short years and the pieces of the pie are still up for grabs.

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