Wholesale CBD Texas
CBD Wholesale Products Texas

The hemp space is heating up. For wholesale CBD Texas businesses, opportunities are seemingly endless. From cultivation to processing to retail sales of finished goods, there are many ways to be involved. The cannabis industry (both marijuana and hemp) has exploded over the last decade, with a combined value in the tens of billions. But how did the CBD compound rise to prominence and how can entrepreneurs in Texas cash in? Read on to learn more!

Wholesale CBD Texas - An Overview

The cannabis plant is a nuanced and multifaceted species with thousands of different varietals. Hemp cultivars have been used in multiple ways throughout history dating back tens of thousands of years. While thought to originate in Asia, hemp spread throughout the world as mankind moved across it. In the west, the Founding Fathers of the United States grew hemp alongside tobacco and other crops, declaring the plant to be imperative for the new nation’s success. In the modern era, hemp faced a period of uncertainty following the “reefer madness” hysteria of the 1930s. The plant was officially criminalized in 1970. However, it had a resurgence in the late 1990s as support for legalization surged. However, it wasn’t until 2018 with the signing of the Farm Bill though that the hemp plant was approved for cultivation and production in all 50 states. In Texas, hemp cultivation has been booming.

The state’s official hemp program is receiving dozens of applications every month. But for those who want to have a wholesale CBD company without having to go through the farming process, there’s plenty of opportunities. White label CBD firms exist to craft high-quality products for those wanting a streamlined solution to building their brand but private label CBD options are also available for companies who have developed their own formulations. Some entrepreneurs are utilizing wholesale CBD drop-shipping services, particularly in their e-commerce strategies as it allows products to be sent straight from producers directly to customers.

Why is Wholesale CBD In Texas So Popular?

CBD - short for cannabidiol - is one of the active ingredients in the hemp plant known as cannabinoids. CBD is non-psychoactive (unlike its cousin THC) but has been touted for its several potential health benefits. Many people have begun to make CBD a part of their wellness regimens, whether through taking a daily capsule alongside vitamins, adding CBD isolate to their smoothies, or applying CBD topicals to aching joints and muscles. The FDA does not regulate these products for the most part but people are hearing anecdotal results and deciding to try it for themselves, with many reporting success.

CBD Wholesale Texas

CBD Wholesale Texas

While studies into the compound remain somewhat limited at this time, research on the subject continues to grow and more discoveries will certainly be made soon. In fact, the global hemp industry is expected to be valued at over $15 billion by 2027, something both corporate entities and medical professionals are intrigued by. Investments and research dollars alike continue to flow towards the plant and its derivatives. What About CBD Hand Sanitizer? With the COVID-19 pandemic on so many minds, the question inevitably came up: is wholesale CBD hand sanitizer a thing? The answer is yes! Many hemp processors already have access to the ingredients needed to craft bulk hand sanitizer, and as the coronavirus crisis took hold, these companies decided to take action. Hand sanitizer has been declared an effective alternative to washing hands with warm soap and water when that is not possible, and with the products in such high demand, it was an obvious choice for CBD wholesale Texas companies to get involved.

Wholesale CBD Texas - Here to Stay The wholesale CBD business is poised to bring success to many entrepreneurs and consumers alike. For residents of the Lonestar State, hemp has been welcomed thanks to its tendency to create jobs and positive health results - aka a win-win. From large-scale cultivation facilities to CBD shatter makers to CBD dropshipping online stores, there are several ways to get on board. Wholesale CBD in Texas is defiantly here to stay.