Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Washington

The “green rush” is officially underway. Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Washington is an extremely hot topic as more and more people looking to learn more – both about the potential health benefits and the business opportunities as well. Hemp is a versatile yet nuanced plant with a storied history in the Pacific Northwest and the world at large. But how did the economic boom get where it is today? And how can entrepreneurs join the wholesale CBD space? Read on to learn more.

Wholesale CBD Washington

Wholesale CBD Washington


Wholesale CBD & Delta 8 THC Washington – a Tale as Old as Time


CBD (short for cannabidiol) is an active ingredient in the hemp plant, compounds known as cannabinoids. Hemp is a member of the same family as marijuana-derived Delta 8 THC but differs in that it’s not psychoactive. The cannabis plant is indigenous to Central Asia, dating back tens of thousands of years. It has been used by many different cultures throughout the history of mankind, showing up as treatments for ailments, religious sacraments, and tools such as rope. However, it experienced a period of criminalization starting in the late 1930s due to a number of different factors. 


Hemp made a comeback in the late 1990s and 2000s when its potential was revisited, especially as a health aid. While it remained in a legally murky area for some time, interest continued to increase. By 2018, broader cannabis legalization efforts had advanced and while stopping short of legalization marijuana, the Farm Bill signed that year did call for a nationwide hemp industry. Politically, hemp was thought to be a safe cash crop that could help the economies of many states throughout the nation. In Washington state, attitudes towards the plant have been fairly liberal for some time, with medical marijuana being legal since 1998 and adult-use cannabis legal since 2012.


Why is CBD & Delta 8 THC so Sought After?


CBD became extremely popular after anecdotal accounts began to reveal a long list of potential wellness benefits. It has been used for many things, from aiding in sleep to soothing aching muscles. While the majority of wholesale CBD & Wholesale Delta 8 THC Washington products have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many residents are finding success. Scientific research on the compound remains limited but studies are increasing around the world, particularly in the countries of Isreal and Canada.


Some of the most popular CBD wholesale finished goods include smokable hemp prerolls, CBD isolate powder, tinctures, salves, vape pens, gummies, and soft drinks.


Wholesale CBD Washington Hand Sanitizer 


The COVID-19 pandemic led to a large increase in demand for bulk hand sanitizer, leaving many inventories depleted and communities in need of a critical tool to help stop the spread. For folks in the business of wholesale CBD in Washington, the need was among the biggest in the country. Hemp processors often have access to the same materials used in wholesale hand sanitizer, making it an easy thing to craft in their facilities. This had led to a greater number of units making their ways to shops, offices, places of worship, and homes. Adding CBD to the hand sanitizer is an option many consumers have enjoyed as it allows them to maintain their regiments.


Wholesale CBD Washington Business Strategies


For entrepreneurs looking to break into the wholesale CBD Washington scene, there are plenty of options. Cultivating and processing are just the beginning of the plant’s journey and while rewarding, can be cumbersome. Jumping into business right away is easy with white label CBD services; private label CBD can also be produced utilizing proprietary formulations. Online stores can benefit from cbdstartup.io as it allows customers to receive orders swiftly and does not require storage space for inventory. 


The wholesale CBD space in the Evergreen State is heating up, with a population hyper-focused on wellness as well as a liberal attitude toward plant medicine. Both consumers and entrepreneurs here are poised to fare well, as the industry continues to grow and thrive.