CBD Wholesale

Our Unique Wholesale CBD Competitive Advantages

The CBD Competitive Advantages that Global Cannabinoids offers complete vertical integration. We are constantly creating new, novel ways to produce the highest quality CBD oils and CBD isolates and with each new generation of innovation comes greater cost savings and competitive advantages for our customers.

Our cannabinoid extraction and isolation chromatography technology is unparalleled and no other supplier can offer this at more competitive prices and expedited service timelines. Our technology encompasses every aspect of premium phytocanninoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil extracts, cannabinoid isolates terpene production:

  • Square
    Winterization / Decarboxylization
  • Optimal Purity Vacuum Distillation
  • Pure Cannabinoid Isolation Chromatography

This is a distinct advantage that truly sets us apart in the industry and affords us the unique opportunity to provide the most competitive pricing, products and service.

Need full service product development?

We have you covered. Our in-house product development team has all of the expertise you need to help you fast track your brand to market at a fraction
of the cost that it would require for you to hire equivalent staff or freelance contractors. We offer not only the best technology, raw materials and finished products in the hemp-derived products industry, but the best professionals that comprise our staff and our strategic partnerships with only the best outside service vendors. We truly offer one-source supplier shopping at its best.